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We Prepare Students for Careers as Software Professionals and for Advanced Studies

About The Department

The Department of Computer Engineering was established in the year 1999 along with the institution. One of the strengths of the department is its strong entrepreneurial culture and placement record. The goal of the department is train students in some specialized areas of computer engineering and prepare them for jobs in the industry.


To be a center of excellence in computer engineering by moulding professionals with technical competence and social responsibility.


M1.To provide an environment conducive for all-round development of students.
M2.To collaborate with other premier institutions and industries for academic excellence and to ensure employability.
M3.To work with moral and ethical values emphasizing on sustainable development.

Program Eductional Objectives(PEO)

1. To develop industry focused skills to become successful engineers and/or entrepreneurs.
2. To transform the students to become competent professionals, to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary projects.
3. To inculcate a passion towards higher education and lifelong learning in the field of Computer Engineering.
4. To instill professional work ethics and social responsibility so that they can contribute to the betterment of the society.

Programme Outline

The curriculum focusing on the following areas,
• Design of computers
• Operating system and other system software design and case studies
• Microprocessors and micro controllers
• Data communication and computer networks
• Programming in various languages like C, python, java etc.
• Design of application software using various languages and packages
• Computer hardware and networking
• Database Management Systems
• Software Architecture and Documentation

Along with the above areas the curriculum also focuses on the personal and professional growth of students by providing the courses like,
• Health and physical education
• Environmental science

Scope of the Programme

The 21st century is the era of computing,All aspects of human life is promoted and supported by the prominent area of computing such as Computer Science and Engineering. This field of technology deals with the software and hardware components. The curriculum of Diploma in Computer Engineering is designed so as to fulfil the requirement of the society, industry and technology. The diploma holders can develop their career in national, multinational and Govt. organisations. They can be good entrepreneurs too.

Head of Department